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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Origami Art

Download and enjoy special Origami Art (Japaneese art)

Origami artist of stunning originality who became an ambassador for Japanese culture and his art.
             FOR more than half a century Akira Yoshizawa was the most famous origami artist in the world. He pioneered origami as a creative art and devised many new folding techniques. A symbolic notation system of his design is now used worldwide, allowing enthusiasts to fold his models from books, even if they do not understand Japanese. In 1963 The Origamian newspaper had already described him as “a legend in his own lifetime”, and his career achieved new heights in the following decades. 

      Akira Yoshizawa was born in 1911 into relatively humble circumstances in Tochigi prefecture not far from Tokyo. His father was a dairy farmer, and he had only six years’ schooling. At 13 he moved to Tokyo and worked in a factory making machine tools but continued his education at evening classes. He became a technical draftsman at the factory and taught geometry to apprentices. Being interested in origami he used paper folding as a teaching aid. His employers were so impressed that they allowed him to practice origami in work time. 
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