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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Vamana Jayanthi

Vamana Jayanthi 
(Fifth Incarination of Lord Vishnu)


Vamana Jayanthi is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Maha Vishnu’s fifth avatar, Vamana. This auspicious occasion is celebrated on Bhadrapada Sukla Dwadashi or the 12th day of the waxing phase of moon int he month of Bhadrapada. Lord Vamana appeared as the son of Aditi and the sage Kashyapa muni. He was known as the younger brother of the king of heavens, Lord Indra.

Purpose of Vamana Avatar:
According to Shastras, the performer of 100 Yagnas will have the ability to become ruler of both heaven and earth. Prahlad’s son, King Mahabali, performed the Ashwamedha yagna. Despite his devotion, he was considered as a threat to the devas. While performing the last yagna of the 100 yagnas, Lord Indira approached Maha Vishnu fearing for his reign. In order to prevent King Mahabali from becoming more powerful, Maha Vishnu undertook the incarnation of Vamana, a dwarf brahmin.
Vishnu in the form of Vamana visited the King Mahabali. The king greeted Vamana and told him that he will offer anything he wishes. Vamana requested Mahabali to allow him 3 paces of land which he could measure with his small feet.3. King Mahabali agreed to it but then Vamana grew huge in size. With his first step, he covered the whole earth, with his second he encompassed the heavens. There was no place to take his third step. Realizing that the dwarf brahmin was God Vishnu, Mahabali offered his own head and Vamana stepped on it. Thus, the tyrant Bali was tricked and defeated by Vamana.

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